Thursday, October 29, 2009

Send Ted Morton to the Senate

You gotta hand it to the Progressive Conservatives - they really know how to waste taxpayers' money.

Pretty simple bill, really. It just amends previous legislation so that Albertans can vote for a "senator-in-waiting," and that person will dutifully wait their turn to "be chosen from among persons whose names have been submitted by the government of the province to which the vacancy relates."

In other words, this isn't a real election. The person with the most votes might get appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Harper. Bert Brown, has be granted this honour.

The last Senate race cost taxpayers about $3 million dollars for 714,709 ballots cast, or $4.20 per ballot.

Premier Ed Stelmach should save taxpayers' money and ask, no, get down on bended-knee and beg Prime Minister Harper to appoint one of Alberta's legions of "senators-in-waiting."

He's got quite a list to choose from: Betty Unger, Link Byfield, Cliff Brietkreuz...a veritable smorgasbord of old Tory warhorses too old to take to the battlefield, but too young to be put out to pasture.

We here at the Alberta Report would think its hight-time Ted "Master Blaster" Morton was called up to Canada's Upper Chamber.

Not only would this save money, it also might save some of Alberta's few remaining grizzly bears.

Also, Stelmach could get rid of a potential rival for the Tory helm.

It all adds up. Save money, save wildlife, save Ed's skin...send Ted Morton to the Senate.


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