Wednesday, May 5, 2010

UPDATE: Kash Heed Resigns Again

Just in case you missed the original story: 'Kash Camp Pays No Heed to Dirty Leaflet Question'...

Mr. Heed has since been canned. Again. This time because the special prosecutor assigned to his case was, in fact, a major donor.

Cue the head slap B.C. Liberal fans.

While the prosecutor did indeed recommend charges to a number of Heed's campaign team in an example of aborted justice (what, blame the campaign workers?), there's a general feeling that perhaps it was a leeetle lenient.

Well, the truth comes out. Liberal financial statements filed with Elections B.C. show the firm in question, Harper Grey, as being a regular - and quite significant -donor to the Liberal Party. More than $17,000 significant, in fact, in the three years before the last election.

As CBC notes, there is no record of Harper Grey donating to the NDP in those years.


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