Thursday, September 17, 2009

Party on, Wayne! Party on, Rahim!

The news about Rahim Jaffer first made us Alberta Reporters envious - man, we're apparently partying with some pretty boring people by comparison.

But there's some seriousness to yesterday's drunk driving and cocaine possession charges.

Specifically, what does Jaffer's wife, Helena Guergis, minister of state for Status of Women, know about Jaffer's cocaine purchases and use? Has anyone in the media asked her?

And, proving the internet exists to prove the deliciousness of irony, Alberta Reporters remember this little outburst by Rahim in the waning days of his losing campaign in 2008. Our favourite line:

"Edmontonians understand how difficult it is to make sure our children make the right choices, especially on serious issues like drug use. The Conservative party supports drug-free schools and getting tough on drug dealers who sell illegal drugs to children. Don't let our schools go up in smoke."

Jaffer said the ad tells listeners about the NDP's position on crime.

"The NDP claim that they're tough on crime, but their actions speak completely differently," he said.


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